Sunday, February 14, 2010

those pretty white things in your mouth

I KNOW MY TEETH ARE SMALL... If I didn't know any better I'd think that I havent lost my baby teeth yet, however I am 24 and positive that these are my adult teeth. A few days ago my roomate Caroline claims that my teeth are as small as her families Lab, "Gracie"...


me... Gracie..... (well not really her, but you get the point)

a foreign headache

I am a HUGE fan of the sauna. It has become my "reward" after a good workout at the gym! (Dad, I know you can relate the most!) Sometimes I'll go on a Saturday, (like yesterday) just for the sauna. It is EXTREMELY rejuvenating. Not only does it relax you, which I enjoy the most but it cleanses your skin by sweating out impurities. It improves blood circulation, helps tense muscles, stimulates white blood cells (which helps your immune system)! Honestly it is amazing, you need to try it....

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The heaters in Saunas FIRST originated in Japan (I told yall the Japanese were smart, It must be all the fish they eat Ha.)

Yesterday I went to the sauna for all these reasons of course but mainly for relaxation.... It was great for about 5 minutes UNTIL...... 2 Mexican women come in and chat it up for about 20 minutes. I thought I was gonna lose it. Not only was it annoying I didnt know what they were saying because they were speaking Spanish at a 50mph speed, but I JUST WANTED TO SIT IN QUIET. There probably should be a sign on the door saying, NO TALKING. Yeah, I think thats a great idea. Anyways my American self just layed there patiently anticipating there leave, and when I had a feeling they weren't going to leave for a while, I thought, well I misewell brush up on my Spanish. So these are the words that I recognized from highschool (Thankyou Mrs. Ramizam for teaching me Spanish in Highschool, oh yeah, and sorry for talking to Andrea so much!):

hot, because, yes, no.... dang, I sware I thought I recognized more than that in their conversation, apparently not. Anyways that was yesterdays FOREIGN HEADACHE....

P.S. I dare ya to wear one of these SAUNA SUITS next time you sauna it up! I hear they are quite fashionable :)!