Thursday, August 26, 2010

Linda's no calorie DESSERT!

haha, gotcha! Come on, ya'll know there is no such thing, but there are definitly ways to limit the calories to awesome desserts! Last night I had an itch to bake/ make a dessert and when in need for a recipe and not actually having time to look up one from Cooking Light Magazine whoooo should I call? Nope, wrong, not ghostbusters, good ol' "Linda Next Door" who has been our neighbor in Charlotte for years! She is all up on what is healthy for you and what is not, and ways to still get our sweet tooth fix that we all have sometimes! So, I called her yesterday afternoon and she gave me this awesome recipe to try, no baking, just a little sauteein' and your done! I'm not sure the exact name she likes to call it but I like to refer to it as,

                             Linda's No Calorie Dessert
What you need:
Peaches- go for the fresh ones if they are in season!
Pound Cake (I used angel food cake, for less calories)
Saute cut up peaches with butter and Cinnamon, juices will fill the pan!

Light Cool Whip

break up the angel food cake place in a pan

Add your juicy peachy concoction!

and now you have your light cool whip on top with some nutmeg!

now go get a spoon and dig into your own!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jump into the Picture

I have to get an A, I have to get an A, I have to pee, but I have to hurry and get this coloring done so I can get an A, my hand is cramping up and my "Duggar Family" dress is officially choking me...."