Friday, April 1, 2011

It's called fishing for a reason

I found out last Monday that on that upcoming Friday was a vacation day for us teachers. First thing I did was smile, second thing I did was text Poppa Todd, "I don't have work Friday, you trying to go to the beach and go fishing?" Response = "Sure!"

     ...And that is how Caroline, Dad, and I created our "ron da vue" trip to Sunset beach! We left Thursday after work, sang some Celine Dion, did a little white girl rap jam out session, talked, laughed, and were excited for our get- a -way weekend! We both grew up going to Sunset beach as little girls and both had grown a love for the "Sunset Beach bridge" that was so famous... (who knows we could have been building sandcastles, jumping waves, and running around with our bathing suits up our butts at the same time when we were 5, ha!)
     Anyways, all of you Sunset Beach natives remember how cool that bridge was. Was it a pain in the butt when we couldn't get the boat under it at high tide - YES! Was it a pain in the butt when we had to leave at a certain time to make the bridge openings so we could get through with the boat - YES!
-Was it worth the waves and hello's from the man in the little house each time?
-The crazy adventures of about 8 of us on the boat dunking down and pushing up on the old bridge so that we would immerse the boat further in the water and we could get through? (and praying to God all at the same time that my father was not going to kill us, just kidding.)
-The slight scare you'd sometimes get as you drove over it wondering at each "rickety sound" if it was then that it was gonna finally break and you'd be instantly famous and on T.V. for experiencing it?
-How it would automatically open for shrimp boats, and barges, (and we'd secretly think, how'd they get that kind of power)?
-That there were always small boats tied up to it fishing?
-That it was unique, different, old and still working?


Ok, I just officially had my first Blogging ADD moment... now back to my weekend... but first take a look at the bridge!
old bridge = miss it!
new bridge = mixed emotions
     Caroline and I had every intention on fishing with our bathing suits on, the weather however had different plans for us. We were dressed fully, equivalent to "Nun style" + Ugg boots. That did not stop us, we still had all had a blast fishing Friday and Saturday. Just me, Dad, Carol, our beer cooler, music, and bait! I absolutely get a thrill like no other when I feel a bite on the line, kind of like the excitement a little girl gets when her mom buys her a new barbie doll, or Santa just left the new Easy Bake Oven for her on Christmas Day. It gets a little frustrating when you can't "catch" one...but in all honesty how much fun would it really be if you caught one every single time you cast the line in - exactly, not fun! I have a tendency to do the occasional throw the line in the marsh...don't worry though, I'm working on my directional placement and swing of the arms.
     We all grilled shrimp and had pasta salad on Friday night and kicked back from a busy fishing, riding bike day and watched a movie. Dad left on Saturday, and we continued the weekend by christening the new fire pit at the beach house, making home made margaritas, a little cornhole, fishing off the dock, trying to light the grill for an hour, and just enjoyed Carol and Cam time! It was the best :)

This post I am thankful for:
-the beach house
-dad taking us out on the boat

This post WE learned:
-you need lots and lots of lighter fluid  when lighting a charcoal grill
-do not put the top on the grill thinking that the open holes on top would suffice enough oxygen to keep the fire going
-a corona in home made margaritas really are good
-fishing is called fishing for a reason
fisherman in the making, HA!

love beach bike riding!

livin' the dream life.

Took the boat to the inlet view and had Tequilla Sunrises and hush puppies!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

a little this and a little that

Don't ya just LOVE granola. Such a great "grab n go" snack. I'll have to give props to little sis, Jordy for the recipe! She just found this recipe online.... I tweeked it a little bit, in the way that I didn't measure anything and added 2 different ingredients. Its super healthy, and you can add it to your cereal, yogurt, or snack out of cup!

Here are the ingredients:

Why you may ask why I have all the "Great Value" labels.... gotta love Wally World's generic prices people :)

  Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, unless your OCD, don't measure...put in what YOU like!

Take a look at this CLEAR picture! Why Thankyou phone camera...

On the stove, heat up a little honey, a little, peanut butter, a little veggie oil and a little applesauce. This is your "healthy sticky" that will make your granola, drizzle and stir all around and then.....

Put on a baking sheet (minus the dried fruit, that comes at the very end) and put in oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes, keep checking on it and stirring it around it will burn if your not careful :)

This is the best part... I don't know how other people do it but I love pouring all of it in a big brown Harris Teeter bag, adding the fruit and doin a little shake shake... and there you have it :)

Now get to snacking :) Happy Sunday!