Saturday, July 30, 2011

Its been almost a MONTH since I have blogged, shame on me, and there went my new years resolution- fail! I have been a busy girl this month...As if working at the Architectural firm doesnt wear me out enough, then I go to the gym, come home and eat dinner, and by then...well, I'm ready to lay horizontal.

I've been thinking a lot today about where I am at this point in my life living in Charlotte. I was thinking about how unhappy I was in Raleigh and that I knew I needed to make the move to Charlotte to be closer to the fam and save money that I didnt have yet. I came to Charlotte, blinded almost. I had not a clue what I was going to do about work, and was just trusting in God to guide me, provide for me, and start raking the path for me here. I doubted, I was frustrated, I got mad, I got sad sometimes at the thought that I may not teach this year, and that just killed me. But in all of that I knew God was the only one I fully, and whole heartedly needed to rely on, pray to, tell him over and over again what I wanted and needed (as if he didnt know already ha!). So today as I thought about different things I became so thankful at what the Lord had waiting for me in Charlotte - it was all planned out and I worried over nothing. (Note to self: never worry, he's GOT YOU, hand in hand)

Almost immediately when I moved in and unpacked my things back at moms and pops household... I got a phone call from a family friend Doctor of ours who new of a position at this Architectural firm and that he was best friends with the Architect. The firm took me to lunch, chatted a bit, and basically got the job right then and there at good ol' Providence Cafe. I was thrilled to have a job, and consistent income coming my way, and honestly was really excited to start something new. I even through teaching out the window in my head and told myself maybe teaching just isn't for me right now... God showed me greater plans later on.

I met some really fun people at work, learned a lot, messed up a lot, gained patience, almost sent an original drawing out of the office for FedEx (not ok.) Put together a rolling cart all by myself from IKEA for the office (usually I would have asked a male figure to help me out on these kinds of things, but I pretty much was forced to figure it out on my own, and I did it!) Ruard had to tighten some screws for me but other than that, I turned into an expert IKEA roll cart put-r-together girl! I booked flights wrong, I learned what a plotter machine was, I gained the courage to ask my boss if we could please get some sunflowers in the office, I couldnt handle all the WHITE- drove me nuts! I learned that "spec book" meant specifications for a clients new home book, I learned that there is WAY more to interior designing than just matching a pillow to a couch, I learned that some people invest a ton of money in their homes...more than I could grasp (I like simple better to be honest....give me a white picket fence and a wrap around porch and I'm golden, oh yeah, and a rocking swing) I learned to take some people for a grain of salt, I learned excellent customer service skills, I learned how to scan drawings fromt the plotter to my computer, I learned how to take snap shots of a computer screen of what I needed only and print out (this was really cool!) I learned how to tackle a MAC computer, but most importantly I met 5 new people, made connections with each one of them, learned from them and embraced an unknown opportunity of the Architect drawing world! - and no its "not for me!"

and God still was holding my hand and had new and different plans for me....

I got a call from Sterling Elementary school (I went there for 5th grade!) for an interview...finally learned with Danny's help to relax in interviews, go in with confidence, show them what they would be missing if they didn't hire me, smile, be me, know that something else would work out if this opportunity didn't...and it calmed me down immediately! - But I was so thankful, excited, ECSTATIC, and joyful when I got a call from Human Resources asking me if I would take the position (still waiting on if it is first or second grade!)

So my last day at the Ruard Veltman Architecture was this past friday, it was bitter sweet to be honest. Now I have 1 week off and then its back to consistent income again in a job that I love and have such a strong passion for. I am praying for a smooth transition, meeting fun new people, not to get overwhelmed the first week, and for an awesome 1st year classroom (meaning great kids!) - feel free to send this prayer request to the man upstairs for me as well :)

Moral of my blog today: Things always work out, even when your feeling down, lost and totally not in control of anything, because God cares about you, he knows what you love, he knows what you need, he knows whats best for you. Those who go through hard times are BLESSED because there is a definite learning experience in every single situation, and you come out of the hole feeling renewed, strengthened, and more faithful.

So my prayer for YOU today is if you are going through a hard time in any part of your life, personal, or work that you give all your worries to God, do what you can, but wait patiently, and the outcome is not up to you (relax in that!) Do your best in all you do, but leave the rest of it up to the Lord!

I should really start writing a book... about my life, the ups the downs, what I've learned, the happy the sad, and everything that has happened in my life that makes me ME today!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)
I will leave you a picture of my nephew just cheesin it, chillin in the sand! He's my little boo and I love him to pieces! Don't you think he has my cheeks?! - Thats my boy!!