Friday, February 4, 2011

Coincidence or Fate

I say FATE.
Let me give you a definition of the two.
Coincidence: is the occurring of an event in conjunction with any some conditions, e.g. another event. As such, a coincidence occurs when something uncanny, accidental and unexpected happens under conditions named, but not under a defined relationship.
Fate:The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.The inevitable events predestined by this force. Here is what I found about Fate in reference to the bible: Only God is sovereign. His sovereign control is called “providence.” He has chosen to give us a free will, and He has created a moral universe in which the law of cause-and-effect is a reality. But God is God alone, and there are no “accidents” in the universe.

     This week was weird for me. I would say weird in a good way and that it really made me think about how God really does hear you, he really does care, he wants to share your feelings with you, he wants you to turn to him, he wants you to trust him... and what I really really learned is the more often you DO turn to him the more and more you will see him take action in your life, whatever that may be, and however that may be. Mysterious ways is how he works and I've seen it TWICE this week, and its very reassuring.
     Now when I was younger and in highschool it was always a struggle for me to understand that God wants you to Believe by faith and not by sight. I always was a believer, I just wished for something cool to happen to me, so that "I would believe even more"... sounds dumb right... well, it is. As I got older I learned that God wants us to believe in him with out seeing things directly because its all about TRUSTING. He wants us to put all of our trust in him, and the more you do it, you find you don't need to "see" miracles to feel satisfied. You will look at situations in a different light and feel satisfied just by the fact that he's got ya. Helllllllllo, he is my satisfaction, and he is the miracle in my life.
    Because of the story I am about to tell you, I do not believe in him any more than I do now... it just simply was an extra blessing for me to experience, and for him to once again tell me, "Cameron, I do hear you, I've got ears bigger than you know"... and that is a good feeling. I have serious issues with technology, whether it is losing them, breaking them, dropping them, losing warranty's and experiencing malfunctions with them (referring to the 2nd and 3rd example!) Sorry if you think this is gross, but I have to say it to make my story complete. The other morning I took out my retainer on the way to work because I wanted to drink my coffee... (Following the doctors orders, your not sopposed to drink warm drinks with it in.) So, naturally I put it in my lap and had all the intentions of the world to put it back in before I got out of the car, and what do you know technology got the best of me! (retainers are not computers or electronics, I get it, but I like to categorize them this way, go with it.) I didnt realize it until I left school, got to the gym and realized I didnt have it. After searching my car, I new it had to be in the school parking lot, so I turned around and looked. No luck. I called the orthodontist and told her my story and she said, "I'm sorry, I'll set you up an appointment, it will be $250 to replace." I was holding back my tears and could NOT make an appointment at that time so I told her I'd call her back... how embarrasing. Anyways, I was so frustrated because a few weeks before my camera broke, and a few days before my phone was stolen. At this point, "technology" is winning... lets be real. If I was writing a book, here is where I would start the chapter of the book that middle schoolers learn to label "Climax" (or, turning of events.) On the way to get my new retainer, I got a call from the place I get my hair cut, she said YOU WON! I said, WON WHAT?! I never when anything... ha! I had won the drawing they had, which I don't even remember putting my name in for, a credit of exactly $250 dollars to the Salon. FREE HAIR CUTS FOR A LONG TIME.... was all I could think about, and then I thought even more about how my retainer was $250 dollars... Coincidence or Fate? I was ecstatic and thought that my winning had canceled out the money that I have to pay for my retainer, since I won't be paying for haircuts for a LONG time. I immediately flew to cloud 9.
     The second "weird" thing of the week... I tried out two bible studies this week, first one wasn't such a great fit, and the second one I really felt a connection for and enjoyed the girls group! It came to the end of the night where prayer requests were taken. I had prayer requests, as everyone should but had just met these girls 30 minutes before and honestly didnt really feel quite comfortable enough to make a "request." So, I wasn't going to. The girl who went before me starting talking and essentially prayed for everything that I wanted to be prayed for, and in the exact same way that I would have wanted it said... it was weird! My eyes starting watering because I just could not believe what she had requested as a prayer request was what I wanted them to pray for me for, I was just to scared to do it. I left feeling a little overwhelmed, but connected, and once again assured that God was looking after me. It was fate, and it was in God's plans for that to happen because he knew I was too nervous or scared and he completely took that off my shoulders and prayed it for me through the other girl in the group. God works in mysterious ways.
     You could think these two things are coincidence if you wanted, but it is much more satisfying and fufilling to know it was fate and that God had control in both of these situations, and that he really is holding you in the palm of his hand, whether things like this happen to you or not... remember believing is not seeing. This was just two blessings I recieved this week. I hope that by telling you these stories that you look forward into this week knowing that he does hear you, whether you immediately see an outcome or not.

Have a good week
P.S. This is my FIRST post without a picture, and for that I thank my broken camera :)!