Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thelma and Louise hit the road

ME at the "lookout studio" over the Grand Canyon!

If you would have asked me a month ago if I would ever see the Grand Canyon, my answer would probably be "man I hope so, one day..." If you would have asked me a month ago if I would ever travel cross country in a CAR I would have said NO! Its funny how things work out, because I just did both of those things and had the most fun I could have ever had imagined doing it. Deana (mom of Aiden and Evan who I had been watching) and I left the Raleigh airport and flew to Atlanta and finally landed in LA!
When We arrived in LA we went out for dinner and drinks at the PINK TACO, went to bed... and woke up for our packing party, duh, mimossa's and packing!

Deana aka THELMA, Chaz (her actor friend), and me aka LOUISE standing on the boardwalk at Santa Monica

We had to buy cowgirl hats for our upcoming MULE RIDE to the top of the GRAND CANYON!

PSALMS 104:24 engraved on the side of the lookout studio...really neat.

Just a few tips for if you ever decide to drive cross country:
- Don't get nervous if you at some points feel as though you are driving through the scene of Lion King where "Scar" is about to attack you. Check yourself, you are not Simba, and its just the scenary your NOT in the movie.

- Don't buy water bottles at every stop, take your previous cup and refill with ice and free water. We could have saved a bunch of money if we realized this when we were leaving LA not when we were in Asheville.

-Cows are not necessarily dead if they are laying down, same goes with horses. No need to call Animal 911.

- Elmers glue is a quick fix temporary face mask for when your feeling disgusting and just want a facial in the car. apply, let dry, peel off, done.

-Start becoming a fan of Indian things including their blankets a week before you start your traveling, you will see signs for them and exits for where to purchase them.

-Drive like a Mexican and overload your car with stuff, its just more fun that way.

-Appreciate truck drivers, they really do shower at Subway sandwhich shops, I saw the shower stalls.

-Take notes and write down all of your "funny's"... it WILL create quite a memory journal.

-If you see paper in the bathroom stall that says "Hi, tell us about your trip" by all means tell the paper about your trip but don't drop your wallet in the toilet at the same time.

-Don't rush the road trip or try to make a certain time... stop and have a fat girl meal, cheeseburger fries and a brooskie.

-Order room service at least once on your trip at your hotel.

-Bring PLENTY of comfy clothes to drive in or you'll be stinkin and end up taking a shower at the hotel and sleeping neked, and have a repeat of stink clothes the next day.

-Go out even just for a night cap at every city you stop in just for the experience and to tell people about your adventures, and of course go out in your "car clothes".

-Practice your "honking at truck driver moves" if its not on point, you won't get a honk

-Search deep down and find some kind of new appreciation for windmills... I mean they do save energy, they just look ridiculous when 20 are clumped together.

-Get your contacts/glasses/goggles all up to par so you don't run over tumbleweed, or albino animals while driving.

-Talk about EVERYTHING with whoever you go with.... and you'll come back with a new best friend, LOVE YOU THELMA!