Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dunka who?

DunkaROOS! Who remembers Dunkaroos?! I have an insanely bad craving for them, right now, and for the last two months. I just looked them up online, they were the "Children of the 90's snack of all time" You can order your Dunkaroos still... but I have only seen so on Amazon.com. They came out in 1988... I was 3, but I'm pretty positive I was a sneaky little thing and took a Dunkaroo to my bed during nap time. I remember those things in the pantry like it was yesterday. I lit up when I saw them in my lunch every day at school, as well as when I opened up my "trapper keeper" to do my homework. There were my little dunkaroo friends ready and waiting to keep me happy while finishing my homework!  Its a mystery as to why I don't look like the kangaroo today....

I'm still laughing at "trapper keepers" are you? How dorky were those things!

You KNOW you loved these.... If you didn't you cheated and dipped graham crackers in regular icing. SHAME ON YOU! If I could get my hands on a Dunkaroo, It'd make my week! Amazon.com, I will be speaking with you in the next few months to come.