Saturday, October 30, 2010

memorization at its best most of you know I have been eating, sleeping, and studying these days. Taking notecards to the face like a pro. (for my big GRE test) Its exhausting for sure! Sometimes I feel as though I have been ran over by a 16 wheeler or something, and I wonder why because I was sitting all day studying. If you really think about it though, looking at a computer screen for hours can totally be emotionally and phisically draining. In the midst of all of this I sometimes laugh out loud, (literally a "LOL" moment for all you acronmym junkies) by the way I study and actually memorize my vocabulary cards. I think of the craziest, most unheard of, ridiculous ways to memorize. So here you go for a laugh for the day if you havent had one:

mollify: It means to calm or soothe, I remember it by the "moll" in the word, reminds me of a girls name "Molly" and well, Molly's  usually are calm and soothing to other people right?

discourse: It means a lecture or discussion, I remember it by the word "course".. In college my courses I had lots of lectures and discussions, didnt you?

extemporaneous: It means done with out preparation. I remember it by, If I made dinner extemporaneously it would be NOT Food Network material.

taciturn: It means not talkative. I remember it by thinking of the word "turn" that you see, and then I think if someone were to say "It's your turn to talk, I dont like talking"

tout: It means publicly praise. I think, If I catch a Trout fish... someone better be praising me!!

circumspect: It means to be careful and prudent. I think of a circle and how you have to be super careful when drawing a perfect circle!

enigmatic: It means mysterious. I think of Aliens. point blank.

acumen: It means accurate, quick. I think of putting the spice Cumin and how I never am accurate when measuring that spice in my chicken salad... even though its still on point!!

maverick: It means one who does not go along with a group. I think of my mom and how she HATED sororities in college, ha!

volatile: It means fickle and changeable. I look at "tile" and think people change their tile often in their bathroom. They don't, and shouldn't but just go with it.

propagate: It means to multiply/spread. Danny had bed bugs at his house a month ago and they propagated.

inchoate: It means not fully formed, initial stage. MY NEPHEW CLARK IS INCHOATE!

ephemeral: It means brief. The ep in the word reminds me of an epi pin... and I think those are brief shots... who knows.

buttress: It means a support or prop. When your old you might need a support for your butt, maybe, maybe not?

desiccate: It means to dry out. If you notice the two C's in the word I think Camerons Car... I have to dry it out if it pours rain inside my car if I have left the sunroof open.

Alright class is dismissed,

Mimi: I am posting a picture for YOU since you say I need to show more pictures :)

Dear Cameron, Your hand is so unnatural, weirdo. ME AND MOMMA!