Sunday, May 1, 2011

3 peas in a pod

I have been blessed with many special woman in my life, but a special 2 of them when we three are together is just an indescribable bond that has lasted 14 years now and counting. Seriously. It is true. Last year we planned our first annual "3 blind mice" trip to the beach, and this year we continued it. As we have gotten older our jobs may have changed, our living situations and towns have changed, we have all had our ups and our downs but our relationships with one another remain constant and growing.

Having an annual 3 blind mice reunion came about when Andrea was about to get engaged. We knew things would change a little, not in a bad way but just in a different way, and we wanted to make sure that we still would have one long weekend a year that the three of us would be together to enjoy each others company. It is crazy to think about but we, as woman do.... This year was our 2nd annual, 1 married, 2 not married. We wondered what the 3rd annual would be like, the 4th, the 5th, and how eventually 3 blind mice weekends could possible turn into 3 blind mice plus our hubby's beach weekends, and then eventually 3 blind mice weekends plus hubby's plus crawling babies. OH MY! Our days and evenings would eventually turn from the three of us grilling, acting ridiculous, spending an hour deciding what kind of alcoholic girly drink we wanted to bring to the beach that day to........ Our husbands grilling, us in the kitchen fixing the sides, pouring wine, and a possible talk to the kiddies as to why Melanies little girl should fall in love with my little boy or vice versa (HA! Just kidding) It is crazy how things change and how we will one day fall in love with the change but for now I am so thankful for Andrea and Melanie!

I won't name the time or place but I can totally recall a time I literally peed in my pants from laughing so hard with these girls, and the times where we all have shed tears, leaned on each other, built eachother up, and did it again and again if we had to! Here is to the 3 of us! Love you both!

(Quick side note): I dubbed the name "3 blind mice" for us one night after Young Life in highschool, I can't recall why I said it and what made me think of it, my guess would be I was just being really silly, but we laughed that I said it for a good 10 minutes...and what do you know, years later Im blogging about the "3 blind mice". Where Does time go?! Enjoy 1st annual and 2nd annual pictures :)

1st annual :)

2nd annual :)