Thursday, August 19, 2010

and the nest is empty...

...and I mean by that Jordan has grown up and gone to college... It is a little bitter sweet I think for the whole family. I mean she's the baby, always has been and always will be! It is absolutlely a blessing to have her here in Raleigh with me as she goes through this new chapter of her life at NCSTATE! I am so excited to spend more time with her go to dinner, cook dinner, grab coffee at "Cup o Joe" (where my dad used to go when he was at STATE... crazy huh!?) and really just be with her more and deepin our relationship! Being 6 years apart and not living at home the same time as she was growing up maturing and getting older was sad, and I feel like this is perfect for us! I will admit that I feel like my mom sometimes and very much worry about her when she's out, I guess I get to take on that role now, somewhat, since she so close to me. If she doesn't call me back right away, I worry ecspecially at night.......ohhhhh the mom in me, what the heck is going on!!?? And on top of that, I totally analyze all of her facebook college pictures now, where is she, who is she with, who is that boy, what time was it, how did she get there, whats in that cup really, is she at a frat house............ohhhh LORD! She's a smart girl though, its just me being an older sister I guess :)

One of the funniest memories of us together when she was little and obviously me too (CLEARLY, would have not done this otherwise...) was when mom was bathing Jordan and I was in the bath with her too, probably playing with cooking utensils, singing, and essentially having a cooking 101 class in barbie bubble bath... what more could a little girl ask for... WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN: a "tootsie roll" looking thing creeped behind me and mom said I walked on water like Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jordy :)

Enjoy the pics of move in day!

The infamous shelf that dad has been given to put up in all three of our college dorms, and rooms.... HE HATES THIS SHELF... it is a pain to put up it has that plastic little tuby looking thing you have to put in the wall, and then the nail goes in that, its a headache, its hard to get it leveled and dad always seems to take a deep breath when we hand it to  him and does it with a smile, and I just laughed when Jordan busted out the infamous shelf on Sunday for him to put up... "like here we go again, round 3.." HAHA!

She went with the Yellow and Black theme... She overlooks the pool, and boys, and boys, and boys.... ohhh what a freakin life, I miss it!
and her desk....... :)

 LOVE YOU LITTLE JORDY, STUDY HARD! ... and don't overdraw dad gets a litttttttttttle mad!