Wednesday, May 12, 2010

arts and vino

Time for arts and wine with cam session 101...

I very much enjoy crafts and ecspecially crafts that you can use over and over again... aka the wine glasses :) It takes a lot of steps, you can't do it all in one setting because it needs to fully dry before you go on to detailing etc... This is great though, paint when you get home from work. Paint after the gym. Paint before dinner. Paint before bed. Its just enough arts and crafts time to just relax and do something fun for yourself, whether you are keeping it or giving it away. I tend to really love giving them away as gifts! This first one that I made, I gave to my principal who has helped me a lot over the past year with recs and just basically having that extra ear out for me whenever she heard of a job openings. Granted, I never landed one, but that is okay, the thought was all that mattered!

I will play Martha Stuart for a moment and name this wine glass:

Seaweed Noir

Close up of one of my fish I painted and its 3 little air bubbles.

Looks like the light got a hold of this picture, oops!

FIRST things first.... do the bottom always first. Its kind of the foundation for the whole project, and the easiest.

Make sure you get the right paint! Glass paint that is... You also need the clear (one posted in the middle) liquid. You HAVE to put this on before you do any kind of color or when your enjoying your vino the paint will just flake right off! Remember don't be so limited to these base colors, take it back to elementary school and MIX! Red and Blue make Purple! Yellow can always lighten up a color! Mix and match on a plastic lid and play around with it!

Have fun... I'm on to my next wine glass: Sand Castle Shiraz :)!