Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad

     I love looking through OLD pictures and OLD notes and cards etc. A few nights ago when I was at home in Charlotte for Christmas I was headed to bed, and I have no idea what sparked my interest but I went in my closet and brought out two huge (Sketcher shoebox might I add... stylish huh?!) shoeboxes and I sat in my bed for about an hour and a half looking through and reading old birthday cards, and notes my parents had written. It had been awhile since I had rummaged through these boxes, (yes, I'm a card and note girl pack rat, and have done this before) but a few really were a tuggin at the tear jerker, I went to bed with happy tears and woke up like a snowman face injected with salt.
     My Great grandfather had written me several birthday cards, most of them were when I was young in my Tom-boy stage. I did guys, I really did wear Umbros and T-shirts OFTEN. Yikes. Anyways, we called my Great Grandfather, "Ba-Ba" and in every card he wrote, "Hello dimples." I remember him always calling me that. He wrote, "He couldn't wait to see me, and that he hoped that I had a special special birthday." My sisters and I were lucky in that we were really close with Ba-Ba, we even named our "Wallabees shoes" after him. (I think they reminded us of the shoes he wore, so all the time we would refer to those shoes as our Ba-Ba shoes. I can hear it now, "Mom, have you seen my Ba-Ba shoes anywhere?" Maybe, when I'm 90 I can still wear my Ba-Ba shoes, be old  people stylish and save my self some money. Good thinking Cameron. Love you and miss you Ba-Ba.
     Some silly and ridiculous notes were in there as well, lots from my two best friends Andrea and Melanie. I'll keep those to myself but lets just say I laughed and cried.
     It was a good "looking back" evening, and even better one when I found these pictures below... ENJOY!


Dear mom and dad,
Thank you for letting me run around the house naked with Jennifer with foam on our heads. I remember those days and making cone heads like it was yesterday. We HAVE to find the home video of this in ACTION.

Dear mom and dad,
Did I really like this T-shirt of mine. I know I never really kicked it, headed it, or smacked it like the T-shirt says, ha I just had fun running and trying to chase the soccer ball!
P.S. Whats up with my SHELL hair doo?!
(see, I wasn't lying about my Tom-boy) days....
Dear mom and dad,
Looks like I'm giving baby Jordan the snake grip, and thankyou for letting me rock the LEVIS they are HOT! Did Jordan let me always pick her up and hold her?! I remember loving to hold her! I guess my niche for being a teacher started young! (except I do remember using the tredmill we use to have as a Harris Teeter grocery check out line, good thing nothing came out of that afternoon of being a clerk.)

Dear mom and dad,
Dang! This face shouldn't ever give you any trouble huh?! If you do ever get mad at me like when I'm in highschool and never want to come home on time, and in college when I have a hard time handling my Wachovia account and over draw... will my dimples you guys gave me make it all okay!?

Fellow Readers,
Take some time this week to look back and see what old pictures you have laying around, maybe move them from the dusty closet to a picture frame or a magnet on the refridgerator. You will appreciate you did it and memories will come flying at you once you look at it long enough, thats the BEST part!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

It has been an entire year since I started my blogging hobby. That is CRAZY. Why has time flown by so fast? On January 31st of last year (ok, so I lied, its been almost a year...) I blogged about my 5 reasons why I was wanting to take on this new hobby : Why I started blogging.  I have to say after briefly looking back on my posts that it has been very good stress reliever, and pretty good evidence as to everything I have to be thankful for. I totally crack my self up sometimes typing, and I am more aware of how I am taken away by such small things in life, and that makes me appreciative. I am excited for what 2011 has to bring for myself, family and friends. I pray for exciting and memorable times with my soon to be nephew Clark, I pray for a clear direction and a 3 letter word that goes like this J-O-B, I pray for good health amongst the ones I love, and again and ever year I will pray for " laughter, love, and learning new things often"

Here's a recap on the end of TWO THOUSAND AND TEN....

Christmas was wonderful as always is but it was extra special this year...
We have a tradition that we go around and open one present at a time in a cirlce, this year our circle was in a way added my Mr. Baby Morrison. It was really fun watching Jennifer and Brian open for baby Clark and EXTRA fun when he knew we were laughing and smiling about THIS.....

Baby Clark LOVED his new onesie from Aunt Cam, He was breakin it down inside momma's belly, I saw it.

Another tradition that always happens Christmas morning during our opening presents is that we (Mom, Jennifer, Jordan, and I get new Winter pajamas from Dad! Yes they are all the same!) This is not a normal open present, tear off the bow, throw the paper in the trash kind of ordeal. It happens sometime in the middle of opening presents, after dad has had his coffee or two. He runs in the bedroom, grabs the bag that he has put them in and comes out in his crazy voice "jammmmmmmmmmmies for you, and you, and you, and you." (and throws them at us) This year he added, "BONUS ROUND" and threw  matching tops to us, that are SO comfy! Hmmm... wonder what dad has up his sleeve to include Clark in our "jammie" tradition next year?! Here is our annual Jammie pic....

And here we are, excited and smiling in our AM attire :)

Our Oyster Roast was another success! We have one every year with family and friends and this year it was at our house! Dad and his friend Sam drove all the way to Wilmington to pic up those slimy little suckers. When we were younger we used to look forward to the Chic-fila chicken nuggets the moms bought for us as our appetizer dinner, now we actually look forward to enjoying the oysters (my taste buds are still in progress, I had 2 this year.) and sipping wine! The night mainly takes place in the garage, where tables are set with newspaper and the heater is a blowin! It is filled, with good convos, laughter and always fun memories! Uncle David, Grandaddy, and Dad always try to find the least slimy ones for me so that I'll like them a little more year after year. Welcome to the Oyster Roast of 2010...........
Uncle David and  Cousin Neil (who ended up being Mi-Mi's waiter all night haha)
Oyster Shuckers UP!

Me, my awesome momma, Jennifer, Jordy, and Clark... essentially 3 generations in there!

Danny and me :)


Happy Anniversary "Livin La Vida Cam!" My New Years Resolution  to YOU is to not be a monthly blogger and to turn into a typing machine and make myself a weekly blogger :)

XOXO and may LOVE and LAUGHTER fill your days in 2011!