Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dont Judge a "book" by its cover!

....So over the snow break, I took a quick peek at my checking account and thought it was a good time for me to get a hair cut. Off I went to Salon Blue, super excited to be a little pampered. I did know that the person going to cut my hair was named,(for blog sake, lets say SALLY.) I had never been to her before but it never really mattered to me who it was that would be going to cut my hair if I knew the Salon was good, right? At least that's how I think and at that time thought.

The receptionist at the front finally said, "Cameron, Sally will be right with you..."

Great I said and then moments later after Sally comes walking up this is what happens...
~Heart beat racing
~me thinking, "Am I at the right place?"
~Sweaty palms
~and finally an "OH DEAR GOD HELP ME" went through my head as I shook her hand.

All because this is what I saw:
I know this is a little girl or boy, heck I don't know... but picture this hair cut on Sally plus buzzed like a boy on the sides of her head, plus dyed pink, plus green plugs in her ears.

Now see, I judged my "book" by its cover, because Sally was the BEST hair dresser I have ever had. The woman knew what she was doing to say the least! I hope next time when I am faced with a new experience with a "book" I will remember this moment and remember not to judge it because it could be the best thing that has ever happened to me! Sally, love ya girl!

Going to read my real book in bed and get a good nights rest for another crazy and "fun" day at work tomorrow with my little children. God, please fill me with the fruits of the spirit while I am at work the rest of the week, I have a feeling it will be tough after such a LONG unplanned snow vaca!


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Cleaning and SNOW Eating!

I'm not sure who came up with the "Spring Cleaning" title, but they should have just made a "Winter Cleaning" title as well. Last week I got a little out of control cleaning in my room. Thanks to my momma, who gave me a new hand held vacume I was able to suck up all kinds of dust, chlorox my shower, (By the way... NEVER spray Chlorox while the shower door is shut, bad idea. See I told you I learn new things all the time.) Windex'd my mirrors, organized my closet, added new tea lights to my candles, cleaned the inside of my bedroom windows (SICK!) and finally sucked all the dust from the nooks and crannies in my stand up fan! Result: Was able to find all of my snow gear for the STORM OF THE SEASON:
It was B-E-AUTIFUL and lots of fun! I was trying to measure the snow when I realized I didn't have a ruler (What school teacher doesn't have a dang ruler?!) So... Since everyone knows how tall a spatula and a bottle of wine and a highlighter are, this is the reason for the picture above! The highlighter you can't see, it is just barely buried! For those of you that know me well, Snow is VERY high on my top 5 favorite things list... and so I was probably the most happy girl in RDU yesterday.
WHAT is possibly so harmful about eating snow anyways? When your out sledding just put your hand out to the right... and there you have it, an instant free slushy. So good, so good! The best kind is right where no one has ever touched, its yours and only yours. I have been eating snow since I was very little (....well, when it actually snowed) and here I am A-OK! So here's the task:
Making Cam's Snow cream
1. Walk outside Put some snow (the untouched of course :) ) in a bowl
2. Add milk
3. Add vanilla
4. Add sugar
*notice there are no measurements.... clearly the reason for why I'm such a horrible BAKER and an AWESOME in the process BETTY CROCKER.
Enjoy! Let me know if there really is a "Snow Cream" recipe, I should give it a whirl...

Whew!! I did it...

Finally! I have officially jumped on the bandwagon of BLOGGING :). I have tried to come up with the main reason why I decided to take on this new hobby and have managed to come up with a list, here it goes:

1.A new 2010 fun hobby.
2.An online journal/ venting (the good and maybe the bad...) for my self.
3.A way for me to look back on blessings that happen in my life.
4.Jennifer (My older sister) made one. (Takin' it back to the good ol' days when I wanted to do EVERYTHING she did)
5.A way to keep the extended fam up to date on random thoughts and happenings in my life (The ones who are anti-facebook I assume!)

So with that being said.... CHEERS to my 5 reasons!