Saturday, July 30, 2011

Its been almost a MONTH since I have blogged, shame on me, and there went my new years resolution- fail! I have been a busy girl this month...As if working at the Architectural firm doesnt wear me out enough, then I go to the gym, come home and eat dinner, and by then...well, I'm ready to lay horizontal.

I've been thinking a lot today about where I am at this point in my life living in Charlotte. I was thinking about how unhappy I was in Raleigh and that I knew I needed to make the move to Charlotte to be closer to the fam and save money that I didnt have yet. I came to Charlotte, blinded almost. I had not a clue what I was going to do about work, and was just trusting in God to guide me, provide for me, and start raking the path for me here. I doubted, I was frustrated, I got mad, I got sad sometimes at the thought that I may not teach this year, and that just killed me. But in all of that I knew God was the only one I fully, and whole heartedly needed to rely on, pray to, tell him over and over again what I wanted and needed (as if he didnt know already ha!). So today as I thought about different things I became so thankful at what the Lord had waiting for me in Charlotte - it was all planned out and I worried over nothing. (Note to self: never worry, he's GOT YOU, hand in hand)

Almost immediately when I moved in and unpacked my things back at moms and pops household... I got a phone call from a family friend Doctor of ours who new of a position at this Architectural firm and that he was best friends with the Architect. The firm took me to lunch, chatted a bit, and basically got the job right then and there at good ol' Providence Cafe. I was thrilled to have a job, and consistent income coming my way, and honestly was really excited to start something new. I even through teaching out the window in my head and told myself maybe teaching just isn't for me right now... God showed me greater plans later on.

I met some really fun people at work, learned a lot, messed up a lot, gained patience, almost sent an original drawing out of the office for FedEx (not ok.) Put together a rolling cart all by myself from IKEA for the office (usually I would have asked a male figure to help me out on these kinds of things, but I pretty much was forced to figure it out on my own, and I did it!) Ruard had to tighten some screws for me but other than that, I turned into an expert IKEA roll cart put-r-together girl! I booked flights wrong, I learned what a plotter machine was, I gained the courage to ask my boss if we could please get some sunflowers in the office, I couldnt handle all the WHITE- drove me nuts! I learned that "spec book" meant specifications for a clients new home book, I learned that there is WAY more to interior designing than just matching a pillow to a couch, I learned that some people invest a ton of money in their homes...more than I could grasp (I like simple better to be honest....give me a white picket fence and a wrap around porch and I'm golden, oh yeah, and a rocking swing) I learned to take some people for a grain of salt, I learned excellent customer service skills, I learned how to scan drawings fromt the plotter to my computer, I learned how to take snap shots of a computer screen of what I needed only and print out (this was really cool!) I learned how to tackle a MAC computer, but most importantly I met 5 new people, made connections with each one of them, learned from them and embraced an unknown opportunity of the Architect drawing world! - and no its "not for me!"

and God still was holding my hand and had new and different plans for me....

I got a call from Sterling Elementary school (I went there for 5th grade!) for an interview...finally learned with Danny's help to relax in interviews, go in with confidence, show them what they would be missing if they didn't hire me, smile, be me, know that something else would work out if this opportunity didn't...and it calmed me down immediately! - But I was so thankful, excited, ECSTATIC, and joyful when I got a call from Human Resources asking me if I would take the position (still waiting on if it is first or second grade!)

So my last day at the Ruard Veltman Architecture was this past friday, it was bitter sweet to be honest. Now I have 1 week off and then its back to consistent income again in a job that I love and have such a strong passion for. I am praying for a smooth transition, meeting fun new people, not to get overwhelmed the first week, and for an awesome 1st year classroom (meaning great kids!) - feel free to send this prayer request to the man upstairs for me as well :)

Moral of my blog today: Things always work out, even when your feeling down, lost and totally not in control of anything, because God cares about you, he knows what you love, he knows what you need, he knows whats best for you. Those who go through hard times are BLESSED because there is a definite learning experience in every single situation, and you come out of the hole feeling renewed, strengthened, and more faithful.

So my prayer for YOU today is if you are going through a hard time in any part of your life, personal, or work that you give all your worries to God, do what you can, but wait patiently, and the outcome is not up to you (relax in that!) Do your best in all you do, but leave the rest of it up to the Lord!

I should really start writing a book... about my life, the ups the downs, what I've learned, the happy the sad, and everything that has happened in my life that makes me ME today!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)
I will leave you a picture of my nephew just cheesin it, chillin in the sand! He's my little boo and I love him to pieces! Don't you think he has my cheeks?! - Thats my boy!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do you take Splenda?

     I do. I take 3 in a small cup of coffee I make at home. In a coffee shop a Grande would call for 4 and a Venti which I never buy (probably because I wouldn't drink the whole thing, or don't pronounce it correctly) would call for 5.
     I'm usually in a big hurry when fixing my coffee, but a time doesn't go by where I don't read the quotes on the back of the Splenda packet. If you are thinking, "I didn't even know there were quotes on the back?" - Well then two things for you... you need to stop and appreciate the small things in life every once in a while, especially the ones that make you smile, and you could possibly be buying the knock of brand of Splenda, switch to the original brand stat! :)

"Being sweet is contagious. Go ahead, spread it around." I love this one. Reminds me of how laughter and smiles do the same thing - and yawning ha!

"There's no better time than the present to start living the sweet life." I love this one too, it is so true! You could look at this one a few different ways... simply, "There is no better time than the present." - Just hold on to this thought for a moment, why is this true? Well because the past is in the past, and whether it was sometimes good or sometimes bad it won't ever happen again, we are only left with special memories to last us! Living in the present is constant, we are ALWAYS in the therefore it is at that time (always) - to live a "sweet" life. Live it "sweetly" - the way God intended for you to!

     I wish Splenda would hire me to write quotes on the back of splenda packets :) 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 3rd List of what you may not know!

It has been quite sometime since I have added to "what you may not know about me" list.... perhaps because it takes alot of random moments that I have with myself to actually witness first hand accounts of things that I recognize as silly, crazy, different, and completely "Cameron" -- and then to remember them...

On to the 3rd list of what you may not know about Cameron:

1- I hate shopping. one exception- if I'm going for something specific i'm down, if I'm going to "browse" all day- nooo thanks, I'll take a long raincheck.

2- Most people group their laundry by darks and lights, I group mine by what can go in the dryer and what has to be hung up. (of course that changes a bit if its a new item, colors will run the first 2 washes!)

3- When I go to a bagel shop, I never can decide between cream cheese on an everything bagel, or bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel. So everytime I get "bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel with a side of cream cheese, so I can dip half of the bagel in cream cheese and its like 2 for 1! Genous.

4- Im usually not a book worm, I would like to always have a book that I'm reading but I don't year round... usually in the summer time only. I have a habit of getting 3/4 into the book (you know at the really good parts) and sneaking to the last 2 pages of the book to try and figure out what happens, knowing that it will ruin it for me. I just did this last week to my Nicholas Sparks book - and I havent finished reading it because now I know the two lovebirds rekindle. I have to quit this habit immediately.

5-I much rather roll all the windows and sunroof down in my car then use the AC. I have been told it saves gas, and plus I like the wind blowing in my face... this always turns into a singing jam out session, they are the best!

6-I run over curbs like its my day job. Curbs in the neighborhood, curbs in shopping centers, curbs on small highways. I think its my car and the placing of the curb, Danny thinks its me. I should stop this as well, could pop a wheely any day now.

7-When I put something in the microwave I usually don't look at how long it needs to go in there or make a logical guess... I literally just push a bunch of numbers and stand there until I think its ready. I've gotten pretttty good at this. For example: Warm up coffee - I probably should push 30 seconds... instead I very quickly do something like this 87436, and wait usually around 30 seconds.

8- I will grow a sunflower garden one day, and it will be beautiful

Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome Whaler!

"Whaler" is here and we are so HAPPY! A home is not a home without mans best friend, a pup! They make a house a home. We got Whaler for dad for an early Fathers Day present and I think he just about Cloud 9'd it when we told him! We sure do miss our special, special Maddy girl, but I think Whaler has brought a little bit of Maddy back into our lives in a unique way that is different for all of us...
    Whaler doesn't know this yet, but I'm waking her up at 6:00am stat to go out for a quick run before work! She's gonna be my running buddy, I actually might be dragging her for a little while, or walking... but in just a few months she might be dragging me.

"In lieu of baby updates that I see on blogs often, here goes mine, HA"

Barks from Whaler at 7 Weeks:
- Woof, I'm ridiculously scared of Cameron's lotion bottle
- Woof, Cameron cleaned her bathroom floor and didn't tell me so I took a good 12 inch slide on the tile
- Woof, Cameron currently is winning in tug of war, she doesnt know whats coming though..
- Woof, I heard her talking about our run in the morning and I am excited, but I hope she doesnt make me do lunges
- Woof, I love eating pedomiters, they are pretty good.
- Woof, Cameron tried putting me in her UGG boot tonight, she's ridiculous I tried to tell her my butt wouldnt fit in that thing and that I'd pose for a cute picture somewhere else...
- Woof, I like my food right now with a little hot water to soften it up for me, but Cameron gave it to me straight up tonight, no water = choke alert, sis, come on, get with it...

my itty bitty running buddy :)

Im teaching her to follow me around and like being in my room the most, its working so far.
I love you sweet Whaler, I hope you are excited for adventures with your sis... I have some really good ideas!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

3 peas in a pod

I have been blessed with many special woman in my life, but a special 2 of them when we three are together is just an indescribable bond that has lasted 14 years now and counting. Seriously. It is true. Last year we planned our first annual "3 blind mice" trip to the beach, and this year we continued it. As we have gotten older our jobs may have changed, our living situations and towns have changed, we have all had our ups and our downs but our relationships with one another remain constant and growing.

Having an annual 3 blind mice reunion came about when Andrea was about to get engaged. We knew things would change a little, not in a bad way but just in a different way, and we wanted to make sure that we still would have one long weekend a year that the three of us would be together to enjoy each others company. It is crazy to think about but we, as woman do.... This year was our 2nd annual, 1 married, 2 not married. We wondered what the 3rd annual would be like, the 4th, the 5th, and how eventually 3 blind mice weekends could possible turn into 3 blind mice plus our hubby's beach weekends, and then eventually 3 blind mice weekends plus hubby's plus crawling babies. OH MY! Our days and evenings would eventually turn from the three of us grilling, acting ridiculous, spending an hour deciding what kind of alcoholic girly drink we wanted to bring to the beach that day to........ Our husbands grilling, us in the kitchen fixing the sides, pouring wine, and a possible talk to the kiddies as to why Melanies little girl should fall in love with my little boy or vice versa (HA! Just kidding) It is crazy how things change and how we will one day fall in love with the change but for now I am so thankful for Andrea and Melanie!

I won't name the time or place but I can totally recall a time I literally peed in my pants from laughing so hard with these girls, and the times where we all have shed tears, leaned on each other, built eachother up, and did it again and again if we had to! Here is to the 3 of us! Love you both!

(Quick side note): I dubbed the name "3 blind mice" for us one night after Young Life in highschool, I can't recall why I said it and what made me think of it, my guess would be I was just being really silly, but we laughed that I said it for a good 10 minutes...and what do you know, years later Im blogging about the "3 blind mice". Where Does time go?! Enjoy 1st annual and 2nd annual pictures :)

1st annual :)

2nd annual :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make time for it

I just recently picked back up my paint brush again, about 2 weeks ago. I also forgot how much I love painting. In the past I have done a ton of wine glasses, as presents for birthdays or Christmas usually... or for the occasional, "Thankyou so much for being a connection for me and helping me make contacts within the school system"! ....I sware I'll paint 8, for the principal who offers me a job. So basically, wine glasses have been my thing UNTIL I whipped out the canvas. Thats right, canvas like Picasso painted on, the real deal. I've been wanting to paint something for my little boo, Clark for the longest time and never got around to it really until 2 weeks ago. I had the windows open, the music on, and it was just me chillin' on a Saturday morning! I used to not think so, because I'm such a people person, BUT...spending time alone really should be taken advantage of by everyone. I think it is a learned appreciation, honestly I'm still learning that it can be kind of cool.

Here is my Saturday morning project...complete :)

I picked back up my paintbrush, now YOU go find that hobby of yours that you have been "meaning" to do and do it!

I am thankful for:
My passion I have for crafts

I learned:
To appreciate moments to myself

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

from the mouth of kids

     Over the years of my teaching "career"...though it has not been consistent by ANY means, It has been rewarding in so many ways. The most rewarding I have found is for them to tell you they love you. Not only does it melt your heart in an "aww so sweet" kind of way, but it also aches a little...maybe I was or am the only love that child has ever known, and that is terribly sad. Kids like this, well I will be honest, I just want to take them home, care for them, show the them love my parents show me, God shows me, and just make that extra impact on them in the way that there mothers should and sometimes don't. But then, I want to give them back :)!
     The other reason I find this job rewarding is that they make me LAUGH! I wonder if I was funny in kindergarten, ha? Anyways I could not help over the years to keep an unorganized journal aka sticky notes, torn off paper, more sticky notes, maybe a piece of a referral to the office form.... all bundled up in hopes of me actually doing something with it all one day. Well today is the first step, blogging them.     
     How cool would it be to write a book about my experience and interactions with kids, the things they say, how they make me laugh (sometimes I have to hide it), how many hats I've had to wear being a teacher (some of my kids probably think I'm equivalent to Dr. Oz, only if they knew...) and how to effectively love on some that don't know what love is. Maybe one day, but for now I'll stick to my blog and if I were really lucky mabye it'll be a first draft that I look back on and laugh. These are a few of my favorites from my unorganized kid journal, if you will. In no order. Please know I am not making fun of some of their totally butchered gramatical errors...but sometimes they are just so darn funny.

*(apparently I had too much bronzer on this day, go figure, white girl in the winter...) "Why you got dem sprinkles all ova ya face, you want to be a princess everyday?"

*How do you spell YMCA? "it... it .. it... starts with a Y, I promise I do, I went their yesterday I promise" (nobody was arguing with you go on with your smart brain!)

*(This was in a card one wrote to me during free writing, aka you can write anything you want) "Dear Ms. Todd I am sorry for talking?" (Why thank you for the apology, but was it heart felt or were you asking a question?)

*(another card) "Dear Ms. Tood, You are my favit techr how od are you?"

*(from a parent... don't get scared now) "Hello (boys name) teacher, I am sorry what happen at school thrusday but i ahve sat down and talked to him about it, and also took things away that he likes or like to do. And I hope that he is on his be behavior for the rest of the year, here ismy contact number if you need to get in touch with me, P.S. feel free to write back" (Ok, I might have to make a little fun of this one... YIKES! So, you took things away that he likes, good parenting start, props to ya. "Feel free to write back"... so were pen pals now, oh lord!)

*(from a parent) " Please excuse ____ he woke up with a nose bleed." (So did I in kindergarten tons of times especially in the Winter when the air was dry, next time hold tissue up to it for a good 10 minutes... then your good to go to school! No need to miss a whole day of ABC'S and 123's for a nose bleed :)

*(I was doing assessments, and one of my assessments I had to get them to build shapes with playdough, one child, when I wasn't looking took my playdough ball I had, and I noticed it when I went on to test another child) Me: "Excuse me but I just saw you put that playdough in your bookbag, perhaps that is mine?!" Child: He stared at me like, How'd she see that?!.... and when no words came out.... something else came out the other end. (always tell the truth boys and girls, rule #5 on our classroom rule list we created at the beginning of the year :)

*(I guess I had a bad hair day today) "Mits Todd, did you hear that storm last night, and did you get electrocuted or something?" (dang, busted by a 5 year old.... get your hair in check tomorrow am Ms. Todd)

*(Parent note) "_______ was out of school cause smashed his finger in the car door, and he also was running a fever to. But he should be god for today. Also can you write me to let me know ehn school is out fr Spring breck. And please excuse him for thursday." (.... is this the truth?)

*(This week was working on different kinds of transportation, I asked the kids to cut out of a magazine things they would bring in their suitcase I had made for them.) I looked at one child and said, "Why are all these girls in your suitcase? "Oh, becauseI'm bringing 10 women with me to meet Obama".... "Well how do you know they want to go with you?" .... "Cus look at dem, they raisin their hands" (were talking about pictures of women in magazines!) HILARIOUS.

*(this is me just overhearing a little girl) "ohhhh yeahhh ohhh yeah my momma put 5 mints in my pocket, ohhh yeah ohhh yeah"

*"Ms. Todd you need to go to da man store and get you a man."
Me: "Interesting, what is the man store?"
"Well you know you go dare to pick you a man out, dats why you go"
Me: (I always go along with the convos, you get more out of them that way, ha!) So, I just pick one out huh?
"Well if he blinks at you, he is yours, if not you walk away, but make sure you wear your lipstick, and he need to give you that ring you wearin already" (Target ring, ladies and gentlemen)
Me: "Interesting, how do you get there?"
(then he proceeds to give me ridiculous directions..... LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!)

Hope you got a slight glimpse into my hilarious teaching life :) WHERE do they come up with these things?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's called fishing for a reason

I found out last Monday that on that upcoming Friday was a vacation day for us teachers. First thing I did was smile, second thing I did was text Poppa Todd, "I don't have work Friday, you trying to go to the beach and go fishing?" Response = "Sure!"

     ...And that is how Caroline, Dad, and I created our "ron da vue" trip to Sunset beach! We left Thursday after work, sang some Celine Dion, did a little white girl rap jam out session, talked, laughed, and were excited for our get- a -way weekend! We both grew up going to Sunset beach as little girls and both had grown a love for the "Sunset Beach bridge" that was so famous... (who knows we could have been building sandcastles, jumping waves, and running around with our bathing suits up our butts at the same time when we were 5, ha!)
     Anyways, all of you Sunset Beach natives remember how cool that bridge was. Was it a pain in the butt when we couldn't get the boat under it at high tide - YES! Was it a pain in the butt when we had to leave at a certain time to make the bridge openings so we could get through with the boat - YES!
-Was it worth the waves and hello's from the man in the little house each time?
-The crazy adventures of about 8 of us on the boat dunking down and pushing up on the old bridge so that we would immerse the boat further in the water and we could get through? (and praying to God all at the same time that my father was not going to kill us, just kidding.)
-The slight scare you'd sometimes get as you drove over it wondering at each "rickety sound" if it was then that it was gonna finally break and you'd be instantly famous and on T.V. for experiencing it?
-How it would automatically open for shrimp boats, and barges, (and we'd secretly think, how'd they get that kind of power)?
-That there were always small boats tied up to it fishing?
-That it was unique, different, old and still working?


Ok, I just officially had my first Blogging ADD moment... now back to my weekend... but first take a look at the bridge!
old bridge = miss it!
new bridge = mixed emotions
     Caroline and I had every intention on fishing with our bathing suits on, the weather however had different plans for us. We were dressed fully, equivalent to "Nun style" + Ugg boots. That did not stop us, we still had all had a blast fishing Friday and Saturday. Just me, Dad, Carol, our beer cooler, music, and bait! I absolutely get a thrill like no other when I feel a bite on the line, kind of like the excitement a little girl gets when her mom buys her a new barbie doll, or Santa just left the new Easy Bake Oven for her on Christmas Day. It gets a little frustrating when you can't "catch" one...but in all honesty how much fun would it really be if you caught one every single time you cast the line in - exactly, not fun! I have a tendency to do the occasional throw the line in the marsh...don't worry though, I'm working on my directional placement and swing of the arms.
     We all grilled shrimp and had pasta salad on Friday night and kicked back from a busy fishing, riding bike day and watched a movie. Dad left on Saturday, and we continued the weekend by christening the new fire pit at the beach house, making home made margaritas, a little cornhole, fishing off the dock, trying to light the grill for an hour, and just enjoyed Carol and Cam time! It was the best :)

This post I am thankful for:
-the beach house
-dad taking us out on the boat

This post WE learned:
-you need lots and lots of lighter fluid  when lighting a charcoal grill
-do not put the top on the grill thinking that the open holes on top would suffice enough oxygen to keep the fire going
-a corona in home made margaritas really are good
-fishing is called fishing for a reason
fisherman in the making, HA!

love beach bike riding!

livin' the dream life.

Took the boat to the inlet view and had Tequilla Sunrises and hush puppies!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

a little this and a little that

Don't ya just LOVE granola. Such a great "grab n go" snack. I'll have to give props to little sis, Jordy for the recipe! She just found this recipe online.... I tweeked it a little bit, in the way that I didn't measure anything and added 2 different ingredients. Its super healthy, and you can add it to your cereal, yogurt, or snack out of cup!

Here are the ingredients:

Why you may ask why I have all the "Great Value" labels.... gotta love Wally World's generic prices people :)

  Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, unless your OCD, don't measure...put in what YOU like!

Take a look at this CLEAR picture! Why Thankyou phone camera...

On the stove, heat up a little honey, a little, peanut butter, a little veggie oil and a little applesauce. This is your "healthy sticky" that will make your granola, drizzle and stir all around and then.....

Put on a baking sheet (minus the dried fruit, that comes at the very end) and put in oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes, keep checking on it and stirring it around it will burn if your not careful :)

This is the best part... I don't know how other people do it but I love pouring all of it in a big brown Harris Teeter bag, adding the fruit and doin a little shake shake... and there you have it :)

Now get to snacking :) Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'd like to thank Akon and MJ

....for being with me on my RACE DAY in my ear, blaring, and giving me that boost of energy I needed at the beginning, and definitely at the end!

     Thats right, my race has finally come and gone and I have learned quite some lessons! First of all, I will never run a "trail" run again. I will also seek out the course myself before comitting to it and not just go by what the internet says about how fun the trail is! I should have known, "trail" = through the woods and not pavement nor flat terrain. If you haven't noticed what I'm getting at is that this was brutally hard! Not kidding! Being sick and not training two weeks up until my race had a for real effect on how I did, but at the same time I was not expecting to be running up Mt. Everest either.
     The morning started out awesome (and then it was all down hill from there, not literally though, the trail was 100% up hill)... Poppa Todd suprised us with a carb loaded breakfast when Jordan and I walked into the kitchen at 6:30am! Home made Belgian waffles with Aunt Jamima that girl. When we got there, people were doing warm up runs around the parking lot, we saw some new running gear we hadn't ever seen before, and we chatted it up with a woman who was in line to get her T-shirt  right in front of us. All I can recall from the convo was that she said, "Oh yeah... it's hilly..."

    The announcer started counting down at the 10 second mark to let us begin, thats when I welcomed Akon and MJ into my life. The song was "hold my hand..." I had my head nod going great to the beat and well, thats about all I had going for me. The trail was INTENSE. At the mile one mark I began to wonder why I had running shoes on and not my dang hiking shoes, and fanny pack because thats the terrain I was trying to RUN to! I definitely had to walk, and while I should have power walked at some points to make better time I decided to enjoy the scenary and bring it down a notch (aka get recooperated).

     Have you ever heard the song "Just roll with it" by Eastin Corbin? Good ol' country song...anyways it came on my ipod at a perfect time. Right when I was coming around the bend I saw a bunch of canoes that overlooked a huge lake, and for about 12 seconds I literally thought about "just rollin with it" and grabbing a canoe, departing the race, callin' it a day, puttin' a fork in it, and DONE! Ohhh, but just as I ended that terrible thought a nice woman at a stand offered me water and said, "Your halfway, you look awesome!" Oh really, I thought... is that what you say to everyone whose struggling and has "where is the pavement" written on their foreheads? Nice woman though, thanks again for the H2O.
     And the 20 bucks all became worth it as I'm making my way out of the woods, I see the light (literally) and all of the hardcore trail runners cheering me on as I make it down the finish line. I turned on Akon and MJ once more and ran, ran, ran... like I was famous and on T.V. or something. I loved the home stretch, and loved how my dad was clicking away on the camera like I was on the red carpet or something, ha, made me feel famous once again! Time? I came in at one hour and 2 seconds flat!

     I'd like to end by saying *DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN*

It was tough, very tough...but I am glad little Jordy was there to run with me, even though she beat was a good, lesson learned, eventful morning.  I even got a cool running shirt, toothpaste, new toothbrush, relax drinks, chapstick, and entered to win a free teeth whitening!
Before: Dear Cameron, you have no clue what you are about to get yourself into, love Trail.

Turning off Akon and MJ in action

Gatorade + Done = Hallelluja

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dunka who?

DunkaROOS! Who remembers Dunkaroos?! I have an insanely bad craving for them, right now, and for the last two months. I just looked them up online, they were the "Children of the 90's snack of all time" You can order your Dunkaroos still... but I have only seen so on They came out in 1988... I was 3, but I'm pretty positive I was a sneaky little thing and took a Dunkaroo to my bed during nap time. I remember those things in the pantry like it was yesterday. I lit up when I saw them in my lunch every day at school, as well as when I opened up my "trapper keeper" to do my homework. There were my little dunkaroo friends ready and waiting to keep me happy while finishing my homework!  Its a mystery as to why I don't look like the kangaroo today....

I'm still laughing at "trapper keepers" are you? How dorky were those things!

You KNOW you loved these.... If you didn't you cheated and dipped graham crackers in regular icing. SHAME ON YOU! If I could get my hands on a Dunkaroo, It'd make my week!, I will be speaking with you in the next few months to come.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to run...

From a baby that learns how to hold their head up to learning how to crawl, learning how to walk without falling and then learning how to run seems natural and oh so simplistic. It is, and should be for most people but I just diagnosed myself with "I'm 25 and don't know how to run properly syndrom..."

I am training for an 8k race March 12th in Raleigh and have been training for awhile now. Training according to my NOVICE training schedule (yes, I am a rookie long distance runner) includes strength training, conditioning, stretching, and relax days which I love! The running part varies to how many miles and what days to do them on. Sounds simple to follow, good routine, and its great except for my problem: RUNNIING CRAMPS.

I am a little dramatic, I know this :) but.... these running cramps are UNBEARABLE for real! Right up under my ribs and sometimes on the left and right side. The most frustrating part is when you have the energy along with a really good song on like this one (download it to your ipod NOW!):  Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand Duet With Akon ft. Akon  .... AND YOU HAVE TO STOP!

So... I did a little research on trusty ol' google, asked for advice from facebook friends, even stopped a trainer at my gym to ask what the cause was and how to fix it for good! Here is my list I have composed, literally, I wrote it out so I'll remember what to do each day:
1- Do ab work (apparently your core needs to be worked before you run)
2- Take evenly spaced deep breaths while you run
3- Eat a banana an hour before you go running
4- Get some electrolytes in you (I prefer the gummy bear kind!)
5-Do not drink or eat anything an hour and a half before your run (so when your mom said to you when you were 8 at the pool, "wait 30 minutes after your pizza before you go play with Jamie" she was right, but off an hour :)
6- You need to move the lactic acid out of your body, it builds up as you run.. so drink water through the day
7- Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth
8- Drink sports drinks occasionally, but dilute to half and half.
9- When you feel the painful monster coming on, find it and push as hard as you can upward
10-Don't run with your hands in a fist aka make them go floppy floppy... attractive right?
11- Every two steps breath in and the next two breath out

So if you can imagine, I'm counting breaths, making sure I'm stepping and breathing right, making sure my hands are not clinched, making sure i'm breathing in through the right hole and out the right hole, while all along pushing on my stomach................ This is what I felt like, are you ready? :

View Image

I am just praying this goes away!!! ...and that I can go back to just worrying about whether I'm lip singing the right words or not, that was way easier HA!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Coincidence or Fate

I say FATE.
Let me give you a definition of the two.
Coincidence: is the occurring of an event in conjunction with any some conditions, e.g. another event. As such, a coincidence occurs when something uncanny, accidental and unexpected happens under conditions named, but not under a defined relationship.
Fate:The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.The inevitable events predestined by this force. Here is what I found about Fate in reference to the bible: Only God is sovereign. His sovereign control is called “providence.” He has chosen to give us a free will, and He has created a moral universe in which the law of cause-and-effect is a reality. But God is God alone, and there are no “accidents” in the universe.

     This week was weird for me. I would say weird in a good way and that it really made me think about how God really does hear you, he really does care, he wants to share your feelings with you, he wants you to turn to him, he wants you to trust him... and what I really really learned is the more often you DO turn to him the more and more you will see him take action in your life, whatever that may be, and however that may be. Mysterious ways is how he works and I've seen it TWICE this week, and its very reassuring.
     Now when I was younger and in highschool it was always a struggle for me to understand that God wants you to Believe by faith and not by sight. I always was a believer, I just wished for something cool to happen to me, so that "I would believe even more"... sounds dumb right... well, it is. As I got older I learned that God wants us to believe in him with out seeing things directly because its all about TRUSTING. He wants us to put all of our trust in him, and the more you do it, you find you don't need to "see" miracles to feel satisfied. You will look at situations in a different light and feel satisfied just by the fact that he's got ya. Helllllllllo, he is my satisfaction, and he is the miracle in my life.
    Because of the story I am about to tell you, I do not believe in him any more than I do now... it just simply was an extra blessing for me to experience, and for him to once again tell me, "Cameron, I do hear you, I've got ears bigger than you know"... and that is a good feeling. I have serious issues with technology, whether it is losing them, breaking them, dropping them, losing warranty's and experiencing malfunctions with them (referring to the 2nd and 3rd example!) Sorry if you think this is gross, but I have to say it to make my story complete. The other morning I took out my retainer on the way to work because I wanted to drink my coffee... (Following the doctors orders, your not sopposed to drink warm drinks with it in.) So, naturally I put it in my lap and had all the intentions of the world to put it back in before I got out of the car, and what do you know technology got the best of me! (retainers are not computers or electronics, I get it, but I like to categorize them this way, go with it.) I didnt realize it until I left school, got to the gym and realized I didnt have it. After searching my car, I new it had to be in the school parking lot, so I turned around and looked. No luck. I called the orthodontist and told her my story and she said, "I'm sorry, I'll set you up an appointment, it will be $250 to replace." I was holding back my tears and could NOT make an appointment at that time so I told her I'd call her back... how embarrasing. Anyways, I was so frustrated because a few weeks before my camera broke, and a few days before my phone was stolen. At this point, "technology" is winning... lets be real. If I was writing a book, here is where I would start the chapter of the book that middle schoolers learn to label "Climax" (or, turning of events.) On the way to get my new retainer, I got a call from the place I get my hair cut, she said YOU WON! I said, WON WHAT?! I never when anything... ha! I had won the drawing they had, which I don't even remember putting my name in for, a credit of exactly $250 dollars to the Salon. FREE HAIR CUTS FOR A LONG TIME.... was all I could think about, and then I thought even more about how my retainer was $250 dollars... Coincidence or Fate? I was ecstatic and thought that my winning had canceled out the money that I have to pay for my retainer, since I won't be paying for haircuts for a LONG time. I immediately flew to cloud 9.
     The second "weird" thing of the week... I tried out two bible studies this week, first one wasn't such a great fit, and the second one I really felt a connection for and enjoyed the girls group! It came to the end of the night where prayer requests were taken. I had prayer requests, as everyone should but had just met these girls 30 minutes before and honestly didnt really feel quite comfortable enough to make a "request." So, I wasn't going to. The girl who went before me starting talking and essentially prayed for everything that I wanted to be prayed for, and in the exact same way that I would have wanted it said... it was weird! My eyes starting watering because I just could not believe what she had requested as a prayer request was what I wanted them to pray for me for, I was just to scared to do it. I left feeling a little overwhelmed, but connected, and once again assured that God was looking after me. It was fate, and it was in God's plans for that to happen because he knew I was too nervous or scared and he completely took that off my shoulders and prayed it for me through the other girl in the group. God works in mysterious ways.
     You could think these two things are coincidence if you wanted, but it is much more satisfying and fufilling to know it was fate and that God had control in both of these situations, and that he really is holding you in the palm of his hand, whether things like this happen to you or not... remember believing is not seeing. This was just two blessings I recieved this week. I hope that by telling you these stories that you look forward into this week knowing that he does hear you, whether you immediately see an outcome or not.

Have a good week
P.S. This is my FIRST post without a picture, and for that I thank my broken camera :)!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Gift of Giving

     My mom and dad for Christmas gave my sisters and brother n law and I an envelope each in our stockings. The envelope was stuffed with a printed out paper that said OPTinNOW. It was a gift card for us to use to donate to this foundation, which is, Opportunity International - End Global Poverty. Faster. We were able to go to the website and pick for ourselves who we wanted to help, and what organization we wanted to contribute to.   
     This organization is a non profit one and is very well known for providing loans to entrepreneurs located in some of the poorest places in the world. This is their opportunity to be successful, and we helped and so can you, so log on and donate.
     I gave my money to this woman below, Martha Boffah. She is 64 years old and has been running a Kindergarten classroom for 8 years now in a rented out space in Ghana. She started out by helping take care of her grandchildren and a friend of hers children and it developed into more of a school setting. She is raising money to expand this infrastructure to admit older children as well, and for school necessities, like desks and all of the basics for a classroom.
     Once I contributed they give you a website to where you can follow her and her donations that she has recieved... I looked this morning and Martha Boffah has raised her $475 for the kids!! Go Martha :)
The gift of giving is the most rewarding gifts to recieve. Thanks again moms and pops!


Monday, January 17, 2011

William Clark Morrison's Debut

     It seems like yesterday that it was Mothers Day when Jennifer and Brian told our families that they were pregnant and would be expecting a sweet baby boy on January 16th (which actually ended up being January 15th). On the other hand however the past month has seemed like for me an entire year, literally. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting.
     We all went to the hospital on January 15th around 9am, and he was born at 9:47am, big ol' boy 9lb's and 20 inches! It was seriously the weirdest feeling, thinking in just seconds that I was going to be an AUNT along with Jordan, Jennifer was going to be a MOM and brian was going to be a DAD and my parents were going to be GRANDPARENTS. Good Gosh! It was almost like we were little figures in a doll house and whoever was playing with us designated our soon to be roles, like it wasn't really real or something... and then we heard the first cry from baby Clark!
     Let me tell you about this cry... My dad couldn't sit still in the waiting room, can't blame a new gramps eh? He walked by her room, (room 6) and came back and said, I heard a cry. Mom and I got up and did a casual fast paced walk over to room 6 only to hear the nurse, and my dad from down the hallway saying we had to leave that we were violating policy and for security reasons we couldn't be there yet. When we got back to my dad, (I mean back in our waiting room cave) we were discussing this "cry" and I had originally thought that my dad had heard JENNIFER crying not the new born baby boy! I will say that wasn't such a bad interpretation coming from my end, I mean it could have easily been Jennifer crying, lets be honest. But, in fact it was our baby boy, Clark... and that was an exciting feeling.
     In my post feelin like this through pics I talked about how I couldn't sleep because of the anticipation of my nephew's arrival. You would think it would be better now that he is here... think again ladies and gentleman, I found my self waking up in the middle of the night wondering what he was doing, if his eyes had opened up, what he was maybe thinking, was he annoyed we past him around like a sack of potatos, what was it going to be like when we took him to the beach, when would be the first time I would get to watch him at my house in Raleigh, would he really like the "I love my aunt cam onesie", what was he going to grow up to be like, football linebacker, or in sales like his daddy, how would Jennifer and Brian know what to do with him, how often do you feed him, how would Jennifer and Brian even be able to shut their eyes to go to sleep at night knowing little Clark is 4 days old and "sound asleep" right beside them, what will it feel like when he hugs me for the first time (a good grip and squeeze kind of hug)... so many things, so many things = Aunt Cam not sleeping = hello Tylenol PM!
     For now I just give thanks to God for a safe arrival and for a healthy baby boy and momma! I love you little one, Happy Birthday to you sweet boy  January 15, 2011

P.S. It has been said quite a few times that my little boy looks like me, I am a happy and proud aunt, thats my boy! I don't know where the dimple on his chin came from, but he has my cheeks!

I surrender to the monogram outfits, haaaaa

I love you

sleepy boy

let me just think about this, yep, I'm ready to go to my new room!

BEST WISHES TO THE NEW MORRISON FAMILY OF THREE! (4) when I come to in town, ha! XOXO    

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm feelin' like THIS through pics.

First, and most importantly I feel ANXIOUS:
I am just literally on edge waiting for the phone call from my family saying, "Come home, Jennifer is going into labor and your nephew is about to be born!!! (It is the most exciting thing.......) I also am on edge waiting to find out from a job interview I had last week. It is a kindergarten position at a year round school and it just seems like this school really "fits." I've been praying a lot about it and the conversation usually goes like this. God, This has to be it right, this is my break, this is where I'm meant to be right now right, I mean you made me to do this, this sounds like a perfect opportunity to use my talents and skills and teach and show the love you have for us through me teaching at this school. I'm probably going to be really upset if this doesn't work out, so just preparing you, I'm going to need lots of reassurance that YOU KNOW BEST. K, love ya! He usually laughs at me and says "patience grasshopper."

Secondly I feel UPSET: My camera lens is stuck and won't open all the way, therefore leaving this new and improved blogging girl all out of luck. How can I blog without my camera?! ugh! Thank Goodness my ever so smart father buys insurance and warranty's when dealing with two things: Cameron and electronics. The question is how long will it be in Wolf Camera getting fixed... we will see.

Third I feel PUMPED UP: A few of my family members have signed up with me (they better hurry up if they haven't!) and Deana to run an 8k race in Charlotte. I have always wanted to run a race that I have worked hard for, prepared for, and have been really motivated to do. The "Turkey Trot"I went on in November was literally just a trot for me, I didn't train or anything. I have gotten my pedometer, figured out exactly how to use my mace I got from Santa, and gotten an arm band for my Ipod. Most of my training is done outside running, which is really different for me, I am used to the tredmill, but really excited to be doing this! I printed off a novice training schedule that includes days of strength and stretching, cross training, running, and most importantly rest day! Anyways, it just feels good to work towards something and even better I am sure to accomplish it!

Fourth I feel a little SCARED: My sister is due this week, technically the 16th, but could be sooner. Well, if you aren't "meteorology" (I could have made that word up, I'm not really sure.) material like I am, lets just say the Triangle is about to get ICED OUT. No, not Ice House Beer. Charlotte is supposed to get 5-9 inches ( I just heard it!) which means... I'm a little scared that she's going to call between right this second and Thursday morning where it will be probably very dangerous getting home. I need to be here as long as I can though just in case I get the job and my principal needs to see me, and I have a substitute job lined up already for Wednesday (which could get canceled anyways). Just really praying for a safe ride to Charlotte for myself and for Jordan whenever that may be this week. Jordan, I say we fly home, you in?!

Alright, time to log off this computer, because all of these feelings I haven't been sleeping well AT ALL... I actually have been up since 2am if you can imagine that. (Should have gone to Charlotte then before all the white stuff fell at 3:30am- yes, heard it on news at that time) I tossed and turned for three hours and got so bored I went to the gym at 5:15am (of course, with all the working people, jealous.) and got a Starbucks drink at 6:45 and well now, I'm about to try and get some sleep! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad

     I love looking through OLD pictures and OLD notes and cards etc. A few nights ago when I was at home in Charlotte for Christmas I was headed to bed, and I have no idea what sparked my interest but I went in my closet and brought out two huge (Sketcher shoebox might I add... stylish huh?!) shoeboxes and I sat in my bed for about an hour and a half looking through and reading old birthday cards, and notes my parents had written. It had been awhile since I had rummaged through these boxes, (yes, I'm a card and note girl pack rat, and have done this before) but a few really were a tuggin at the tear jerker, I went to bed with happy tears and woke up like a snowman face injected with salt.
     My Great grandfather had written me several birthday cards, most of them were when I was young in my Tom-boy stage. I did guys, I really did wear Umbros and T-shirts OFTEN. Yikes. Anyways, we called my Great Grandfather, "Ba-Ba" and in every card he wrote, "Hello dimples." I remember him always calling me that. He wrote, "He couldn't wait to see me, and that he hoped that I had a special special birthday." My sisters and I were lucky in that we were really close with Ba-Ba, we even named our "Wallabees shoes" after him. (I think they reminded us of the shoes he wore, so all the time we would refer to those shoes as our Ba-Ba shoes. I can hear it now, "Mom, have you seen my Ba-Ba shoes anywhere?" Maybe, when I'm 90 I can still wear my Ba-Ba shoes, be old  people stylish and save my self some money. Good thinking Cameron. Love you and miss you Ba-Ba.
     Some silly and ridiculous notes were in there as well, lots from my two best friends Andrea and Melanie. I'll keep those to myself but lets just say I laughed and cried.
     It was a good "looking back" evening, and even better one when I found these pictures below... ENJOY!


Dear mom and dad,
Thank you for letting me run around the house naked with Jennifer with foam on our heads. I remember those days and making cone heads like it was yesterday. We HAVE to find the home video of this in ACTION.

Dear mom and dad,
Did I really like this T-shirt of mine. I know I never really kicked it, headed it, or smacked it like the T-shirt says, ha I just had fun running and trying to chase the soccer ball!
P.S. Whats up with my SHELL hair doo?!
(see, I wasn't lying about my Tom-boy) days....
Dear mom and dad,
Looks like I'm giving baby Jordan the snake grip, and thankyou for letting me rock the LEVIS they are HOT! Did Jordan let me always pick her up and hold her?! I remember loving to hold her! I guess my niche for being a teacher started young! (except I do remember using the tredmill we use to have as a Harris Teeter grocery check out line, good thing nothing came out of that afternoon of being a clerk.)

Dear mom and dad,
Dang! This face shouldn't ever give you any trouble huh?! If you do ever get mad at me like when I'm in highschool and never want to come home on time, and in college when I have a hard time handling my Wachovia account and over draw... will my dimples you guys gave me make it all okay!?

Fellow Readers,
Take some time this week to look back and see what old pictures you have laying around, maybe move them from the dusty closet to a picture frame or a magnet on the refridgerator. You will appreciate you did it and memories will come flying at you once you look at it long enough, thats the BEST part!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

It has been an entire year since I started my blogging hobby. That is CRAZY. Why has time flown by so fast? On January 31st of last year (ok, so I lied, its been almost a year...) I blogged about my 5 reasons why I was wanting to take on this new hobby : Why I started blogging.  I have to say after briefly looking back on my posts that it has been very good stress reliever, and pretty good evidence as to everything I have to be thankful for. I totally crack my self up sometimes typing, and I am more aware of how I am taken away by such small things in life, and that makes me appreciative. I am excited for what 2011 has to bring for myself, family and friends. I pray for exciting and memorable times with my soon to be nephew Clark, I pray for a clear direction and a 3 letter word that goes like this J-O-B, I pray for good health amongst the ones I love, and again and ever year I will pray for " laughter, love, and learning new things often"

Here's a recap on the end of TWO THOUSAND AND TEN....

Christmas was wonderful as always is but it was extra special this year...
We have a tradition that we go around and open one present at a time in a cirlce, this year our circle was in a way added my Mr. Baby Morrison. It was really fun watching Jennifer and Brian open for baby Clark and EXTRA fun when he knew we were laughing and smiling about THIS.....

Baby Clark LOVED his new onesie from Aunt Cam, He was breakin it down inside momma's belly, I saw it.

Another tradition that always happens Christmas morning during our opening presents is that we (Mom, Jennifer, Jordan, and I get new Winter pajamas from Dad! Yes they are all the same!) This is not a normal open present, tear off the bow, throw the paper in the trash kind of ordeal. It happens sometime in the middle of opening presents, after dad has had his coffee or two. He runs in the bedroom, grabs the bag that he has put them in and comes out in his crazy voice "jammmmmmmmmmmies for you, and you, and you, and you." (and throws them at us) This year he added, "BONUS ROUND" and threw  matching tops to us, that are SO comfy! Hmmm... wonder what dad has up his sleeve to include Clark in our "jammie" tradition next year?! Here is our annual Jammie pic....

And here we are, excited and smiling in our AM attire :)

Our Oyster Roast was another success! We have one every year with family and friends and this year it was at our house! Dad and his friend Sam drove all the way to Wilmington to pic up those slimy little suckers. When we were younger we used to look forward to the Chic-fila chicken nuggets the moms bought for us as our appetizer dinner, now we actually look forward to enjoying the oysters (my taste buds are still in progress, I had 2 this year.) and sipping wine! The night mainly takes place in the garage, where tables are set with newspaper and the heater is a blowin! It is filled, with good convos, laughter and always fun memories! Uncle David, Grandaddy, and Dad always try to find the least slimy ones for me so that I'll like them a little more year after year. Welcome to the Oyster Roast of 2010...........
Uncle David and  Cousin Neil (who ended up being Mi-Mi's waiter all night haha)
Oyster Shuckers UP!

Me, my awesome momma, Jennifer, Jordy, and Clark... essentially 3 generations in there!

Danny and me :)


Happy Anniversary "Livin La Vida Cam!" My New Years Resolution  to YOU is to not be a monthly blogger and to turn into a typing machine and make myself a weekly blogger :)

XOXO and may LOVE and LAUGHTER fill your days in 2011!