Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm feelin' like THIS through pics.

First, and most importantly I feel ANXIOUS:
I am just literally on edge waiting for the phone call from my family saying, "Come home, Jennifer is going into labor and your nephew is about to be born!!! (It is the most exciting thing.......) I also am on edge waiting to find out from a job interview I had last week. It is a kindergarten position at a year round school and it just seems like this school really "fits." I've been praying a lot about it and the conversation usually goes like this. God, This has to be it right, this is my break, this is where I'm meant to be right now right, I mean you made me to do this, this sounds like a perfect opportunity to use my talents and skills and teach and show the love you have for us through me teaching at this school. I'm probably going to be really upset if this doesn't work out, so just preparing you, I'm going to need lots of reassurance that YOU KNOW BEST. K, love ya! He usually laughs at me and says "patience grasshopper."

Secondly I feel UPSET: My camera lens is stuck and won't open all the way, therefore leaving this new and improved blogging girl all out of luck. How can I blog without my camera?! ugh! Thank Goodness my ever so smart father buys insurance and warranty's when dealing with two things: Cameron and electronics. The question is how long will it be in Wolf Camera getting fixed... we will see.

Third I feel PUMPED UP: A few of my family members have signed up with me (they better hurry up if they haven't!) and Deana to run an 8k race in Charlotte. I have always wanted to run a race that I have worked hard for, prepared for, and have been really motivated to do. The "Turkey Trot"I went on in November was literally just a trot for me, I didn't train or anything. I have gotten my pedometer, figured out exactly how to use my mace I got from Santa, and gotten an arm band for my Ipod. Most of my training is done outside running, which is really different for me, I am used to the tredmill, but really excited to be doing this! I printed off a novice training schedule that includes days of strength and stretching, cross training, running, and most importantly rest day! Anyways, it just feels good to work towards something and even better I am sure to accomplish it!

Fourth I feel a little SCARED: My sister is due this week, technically the 16th, but could be sooner. Well, if you aren't "meteorology" (I could have made that word up, I'm not really sure.) material like I am, lets just say the Triangle is about to get ICED OUT. No, not Ice House Beer. Charlotte is supposed to get 5-9 inches ( I just heard it!) which means... I'm a little scared that she's going to call between right this second and Thursday morning where it will be probably very dangerous getting home. I need to be here as long as I can though just in case I get the job and my principal needs to see me, and I have a substitute job lined up already for Wednesday (which could get canceled anyways). Just really praying for a safe ride to Charlotte for myself and for Jordan whenever that may be this week. Jordan, I say we fly home, you in?!

Alright, time to log off this computer, because all of these feelings I haven't been sleeping well AT ALL... I actually have been up since 2am if you can imagine that. (Should have gone to Charlotte then before all the white stuff fell at 3:30am- yes, heard it on news at that time) I tossed and turned for three hours and got so bored I went to the gym at 5:15am (of course, with all the working people, jealous.) and got a Starbucks drink at 6:45 and well now, I'm about to try and get some sleep! Hope you all have a wonderful day!