Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Living Creatively

I have ALWAYS loved fresh cut flowers in my home, ecspecially in the warm seasons! I have seen this idea in magazines where different vegetables along with fruits were put into a vase, such as asparagus, zucchini, and squash. I decided to tweek it a bit and just go for the lemons, oranges and limes. As far as I'm concerned asparagus, zucchini, and squash belong on the grill seasoned and then essentially... in your tummy :) NOT in a flower vase! It didnt take long at all to do and it adds such a fresh look and smell to your kitchen. It lasted about a week or so, and then the water faded to a dull color. I'm already thinking of my next flower vase concoction....

I would MUCH RATHER prefer Sunflowers in this vase but Kroger was slackin' the week I went to make my flower purchase.... rude.

And the wine glass painting continues :) This is my absolute favorite that I have made so far, so I gave it to my momma for Mothers Day! "Sea Turtle Shiraz" .....

He's ready for a wine pour momma.....

We're growing red, yellow, and green peppers and they are just cute little babies right now!

It is so crazy to watch them grow.... SO FAST, might I add! Some people watch, care for, love, nurture their children while I watch, care for, love, and nurture my vegetables on my deck... HA. Seriously, I count how many we have coming every day! Below are our cucumbers, we have 17 so far growing on this one plant, its a little out of control but I love it! I mean these really are newborn cuc's! The vines are unbelievable too... they have wrapped onto our tomato plant and just took off, If we have a TomatoCucumber come out somewhere I'm gonna lose it!

Awesome Cucumber salad:

Sour Cream

Dill ( we have TONS on our deck also, please come over and pick a branch off)

Light Mayo

Plain Yogurt (not vanilla)

We usually just make it to taste, a little this and a little that, and a whole lot of DILL :)

And I save the BEST FOR LAST: I'm going to be an AUNT!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer and Brian are having their first little one due in January. I am so excited I can't even stand it. "Mom, I wanna go to aunt cam's...." I can hear it already.

I have already bought:
My mom and dad used to read this to me a lot.... at least I think they did?! So I wanted to buy it for Jennifer and Brian to read to their little one. It is the sweetest story about the love of a parent to their child. This book is where I got the line, "mom and dad I love you thissssssssssssssssss much ( and stretch your arms as far as they would go when your 5...I definitely thought mine was big)"
Jennifer and Brian, I can't wait for you to tell me when your little one says that to you guys, and make sure to read the little note I have written in the inside cover to my niece or nephew.... and I mean NOW (I'm trying to form the best aunt bond first), yes you can read to them while they are still growing. Love you xoxox

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Siblings painting

Tommy Woo!! Open that yellow paint for me, then get your Tiger off of the painting table. I hear older cousin Chin Shoo coming up the stairs. She's back a lot earlier than I thought from getting her nails done, and the tiger belongs in the loft with the other animals.... HURRRRRRRY Tommy Woo.... I dont want time out!!!

jump into the picture

Nathan, I know mom said to wash our hands after the potty, but how do you do it with this ridiculous dinosoar towel wrap on? The tail is in my way!!