Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Almost Birthday JESUS

     I have a top 3 favorite things that I love... and SNOW happens to be at number 1, followed by SUNFLOWERS at number 2, and COOKING  at number 3. So happy to announce that Raleigh had its first snow of the season this past Saturday! When it starts getting cold I'm a little bit of a freak watching the weather, pulling it up on my phone, (Thank you dearly, technology.) and flipping through the different weather stations to see which one is either calling for snow or which one is saying will accumulate more snow, and which one predicts it arriving the fastest. Based on all that, its how I decide which channel to watch... I'm always the one that believes the weather man 100% when everyone elses doesnt.

     This past Saturday when it snowed Caroline and I watched probably 5 Christmas movies and baked cookies and iced them. We were in our pajams all day and she watched me act like a child catching snowflakes on my tongue, and trying to measure the centimeters that were accumulating on our deck. LOVE IT. Every year when it snows I never have the normal measuring device... a ruler, so I always am looking for something to measure with, pencil, wine stopper, fork.... totally gotta get a ruler. (Santa, did you hear that.) Anyways never got the measurment, but it coated the deck to a blissfully happy white !

     Pretty snazzy mantle for Santa to come down huh?! I love making arrangements for the different seasons, until a week ago I had my Sunflower arrangement up, definitely had to go... I couldnt remember how I did my arrangement last year so I used some of the stuff I had from the previous year but bought a few more "spiral things" at Micheals this year. They are pretty cheap. Caroline and I bought the stockings for a dollar at Micheals as well as the wreath for 3 dollars. Us three went to Laurens parents for dinner in Timberlake this past Sunday had steaks, wine, good talks, saw the Panthers lose again (Im beginning to think this is a good thing, soposedly we get "the first pick" for next season if we lose the most games... thats what the male gender keeps telling me.) and.... we monogrammed our stockings!! Woohoo for the Brooks's monogram machine. It's the bomb. I am thankful my mom gave me the creative, arrangement making gene! Sorry dad, it was all mom for sure.

add flower to your face, makes the picture look cooler :)

$13 dollar cookie cutters, putting to use!

your never to old to decorate!

Dear Santa, I would love a new camera.

yes, Im rocking ECU sweat pants, comfy socks, my betty crocker cam apron, and my monkey fleece, dont be jealous now.

Snow 2010!

"Being thankful for laughter, love, and learning new things often"
-  I have learned to cheer on the Panthers to lose.
- I have learned to Shop at Micheals for deals
- I am thankful for my love to decorate and celebrate the season of Jesus birthday!
- I have learned to never make home made popcorn alone without Caroline... It leads to stove fires....serious.