Monday, January 17, 2011

William Clark Morrison's Debut

     It seems like yesterday that it was Mothers Day when Jennifer and Brian told our families that they were pregnant and would be expecting a sweet baby boy on January 16th (which actually ended up being January 15th). On the other hand however the past month has seemed like for me an entire year, literally. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting.
     We all went to the hospital on January 15th around 9am, and he was born at 9:47am, big ol' boy 9lb's and 20 inches! It was seriously the weirdest feeling, thinking in just seconds that I was going to be an AUNT along with Jordan, Jennifer was going to be a MOM and brian was going to be a DAD and my parents were going to be GRANDPARENTS. Good Gosh! It was almost like we were little figures in a doll house and whoever was playing with us designated our soon to be roles, like it wasn't really real or something... and then we heard the first cry from baby Clark!
     Let me tell you about this cry... My dad couldn't sit still in the waiting room, can't blame a new gramps eh? He walked by her room, (room 6) and came back and said, I heard a cry. Mom and I got up and did a casual fast paced walk over to room 6 only to hear the nurse, and my dad from down the hallway saying we had to leave that we were violating policy and for security reasons we couldn't be there yet. When we got back to my dad, (I mean back in our waiting room cave) we were discussing this "cry" and I had originally thought that my dad had heard JENNIFER crying not the new born baby boy! I will say that wasn't such a bad interpretation coming from my end, I mean it could have easily been Jennifer crying, lets be honest. But, in fact it was our baby boy, Clark... and that was an exciting feeling.
     In my post feelin like this through pics I talked about how I couldn't sleep because of the anticipation of my nephew's arrival. You would think it would be better now that he is here... think again ladies and gentleman, I found my self waking up in the middle of the night wondering what he was doing, if his eyes had opened up, what he was maybe thinking, was he annoyed we past him around like a sack of potatos, what was it going to be like when we took him to the beach, when would be the first time I would get to watch him at my house in Raleigh, would he really like the "I love my aunt cam onesie", what was he going to grow up to be like, football linebacker, or in sales like his daddy, how would Jennifer and Brian know what to do with him, how often do you feed him, how would Jennifer and Brian even be able to shut their eyes to go to sleep at night knowing little Clark is 4 days old and "sound asleep" right beside them, what will it feel like when he hugs me for the first time (a good grip and squeeze kind of hug)... so many things, so many things = Aunt Cam not sleeping = hello Tylenol PM!
     For now I just give thanks to God for a safe arrival and for a healthy baby boy and momma! I love you little one, Happy Birthday to you sweet boy  January 15, 2011

P.S. It has been said quite a few times that my little boy looks like me, I am a happy and proud aunt, thats my boy! I don't know where the dimple on his chin came from, but he has my cheeks!

I surrender to the monogram outfits, haaaaa

I love you

sleepy boy

let me just think about this, yep, I'm ready to go to my new room!