Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Gift of Giving

     My mom and dad for Christmas gave my sisters and brother n law and I an envelope each in our stockings. The envelope was stuffed with a printed out paper that said OPTinNOW. It was a gift card for us to use to donate to this foundation, which is, Opportunity International - End Global Poverty. Faster. We were able to go to the website and pick for ourselves who we wanted to help, and what organization we wanted to contribute to.   
     This organization is a non profit one and is very well known for providing loans to entrepreneurs located in some of the poorest places in the world. This is their opportunity to be successful, and we helped and so can you, so log on and donate.
     I gave my money to this woman below, Martha Boffah. She is 64 years old and has been running a Kindergarten classroom for 8 years now in a rented out space in Ghana. She started out by helping take care of her grandchildren and a friend of hers children and it developed into more of a school setting. She is raising money to expand this infrastructure to admit older children as well, and for school necessities, like desks and all of the basics for a classroom.
     Once I contributed they give you a website to where you can follow her and her donations that she has recieved... I looked this morning and Martha Boffah has raised her $475 for the kids!! Go Martha :)
The gift of giving is the most rewarding gifts to recieve. Thanks again moms and pops!