Friday, September 24, 2010

The 2nd list of what you may not know....

1) I like to fall asleep to the Food Network Channel and NEVER anything else.

2) I love wearing mens Old Spice deoderant... it just smells really good, goes on really good, reminds me of a good smelling man... I don't know, go figure.

3) I do not match up my socks in my sock drawer and recently this has been getting on my nerves, so I'm in the process of changing this habit!

4) Every night before bed I count how many hours I will get to sleep

5) When in college around christmas time I used to take extra Christmas tree branches and put them under my seat in my car so that my car smelled 100% like Christmas, only to realize it turned brown and flaked all over my car 4 days later... but so worth it! HA.

6) I cry every birthday, it's inevitable... man, 30th and 50th are gonna be real brutal.

7) People say I look like a Cabbage Patch kid, compliment?!

8) If I had a "bucket list" swimming with dolphins  would be in my top 3!

9) I used to watch "Barney" past the cut off age.... I'm going to blame it on, "I had to watch it with my baby sister Jordan"

10) I LOVE a hoody, jeans, good company, and a great bonfire