Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome Whaler!

"Whaler" is here and we are so HAPPY! A home is not a home without mans best friend, a pup! They make a house a home. We got Whaler for dad for an early Fathers Day present and I think he just about Cloud 9'd it when we told him! We sure do miss our special, special Maddy girl, but I think Whaler has brought a little bit of Maddy back into our lives in a unique way that is different for all of us...
    Whaler doesn't know this yet, but I'm waking her up at 6:00am stat to go out for a quick run before work! She's gonna be my running buddy, I actually might be dragging her for a little while, or walking... but in just a few months she might be dragging me.

"In lieu of baby updates that I see on blogs often, here goes mine, HA"

Barks from Whaler at 7 Weeks:
- Woof, I'm ridiculously scared of Cameron's lotion bottle
- Woof, Cameron cleaned her bathroom floor and didn't tell me so I took a good 12 inch slide on the tile
- Woof, Cameron currently is winning in tug of war, she doesnt know whats coming though..
- Woof, I heard her talking about our run in the morning and I am excited, but I hope she doesnt make me do lunges
- Woof, I love eating pedomiters, they are pretty good.
- Woof, Cameron tried putting me in her UGG boot tonight, she's ridiculous I tried to tell her my butt wouldnt fit in that thing and that I'd pose for a cute picture somewhere else...
- Woof, I like my food right now with a little hot water to soften it up for me, but Cameron gave it to me straight up tonight, no water = choke alert, sis, come on, get with it...

my itty bitty running buddy :)

Im teaching her to follow me around and like being in my room the most, its working so far.
I love you sweet Whaler, I hope you are excited for adventures with your sis... I have some really good ideas!


gracevanowen said...

I'm so glad you finally blogged!! Whaler is so cute and i cannot wait to meet her!! ;)

Hailey said...

Oh my precious!!!

jason said...

For some reason I thought of you and remembered your blog. Great job keep it up! Very cute puppy