Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 3rd List of what you may not know!

It has been quite sometime since I have added to "what you may not know about me" list.... perhaps because it takes alot of random moments that I have with myself to actually witness first hand accounts of things that I recognize as silly, crazy, different, and completely "Cameron" -- and then to remember them...

On to the 3rd list of what you may not know about Cameron:

1- I hate shopping. one exception- if I'm going for something specific i'm down, if I'm going to "browse" all day- nooo thanks, I'll take a long raincheck.

2- Most people group their laundry by darks and lights, I group mine by what can go in the dryer and what has to be hung up. (of course that changes a bit if its a new item, colors will run the first 2 washes!)

3- When I go to a bagel shop, I never can decide between cream cheese on an everything bagel, or bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel. So everytime I get "bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel with a side of cream cheese, so I can dip half of the bagel in cream cheese and its like 2 for 1! Genous.

4- Im usually not a book worm, I would like to always have a book that I'm reading but I don't year round... usually in the summer time only. I have a habit of getting 3/4 into the book (you know at the really good parts) and sneaking to the last 2 pages of the book to try and figure out what happens, knowing that it will ruin it for me. I just did this last week to my Nicholas Sparks book - and I havent finished reading it because now I know the two lovebirds rekindle. I have to quit this habit immediately.

5-I much rather roll all the windows and sunroof down in my car then use the AC. I have been told it saves gas, and plus I like the wind blowing in my face... this always turns into a singing jam out session, they are the best!

6-I run over curbs like its my day job. Curbs in the neighborhood, curbs in shopping centers, curbs on small highways. I think its my car and the placing of the curb, Danny thinks its me. I should stop this as well, could pop a wheely any day now.

7-When I put something in the microwave I usually don't look at how long it needs to go in there or make a logical guess... I literally just push a bunch of numbers and stand there until I think its ready. I've gotten pretttty good at this. For example: Warm up coffee - I probably should push 30 seconds... instead I very quickly do something like this 87436, and wait usually around 30 seconds.

8- I will grow a sunflower garden one day, and it will be beautiful

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Madalyn said...

Love you! Laughing when I read these because I already knew pretty much all of them and can see you doing them : )